First test migrations to VI3

Today the SAN is upgraded and the new fiber switches are connected. The first test migrations of a Windows 2000 server and windows 2003 server are done with the VMware Converter. A lot of NT4 servers must be P2V’ed also. Today i have tried to live P2V’ed a NT4 server with the Leostream Converter. Running a virtual machine with the Leostream Host Proxy on my laptop in VMware server, wich is configured to connect with the Virtual Center server. An agent on the NT4 server connects with the proxy server and copies live files to a new virtual server created on VI3. I´ve done that a year ago before without problems.

Now I have a problem: I need a ntoskrnl.exe Build 7267. This uniprocessor kernel will be placed in the new VM. A  I´m waiting on support from Leostream.

Monday we will connect the new shared storage to VI3. 2 Terra space to store the virtual machines. All on schedul.