VMware demo for NXP in Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Thursdayevening we take the plane  to Kaohsiung to give a demo of VMware. This plant of NXP is really cost driven. Its a big factory in the south of Taiwan and produce automotive chips that are used in most cars we know. Andre van de Geijn and I show the IT en management what the benefits are of a virtual environment.  We could connect to the VI3 environment in Bangkok, so it was possible to show VMotion. Especially the Map Ware House server (displays the map of a wafer filled with chips) we just virtualized, was very important to show.

In the afternoon I installed a ESX3 server as a testenvirionment. Placed on a 4 GB USB drive, I make a copy of a MapWareHouse Demo VM to the test ESXserver. In about 40 minutes there  was a running test server. This must be an catalyst for the IT. Just connect all the new projects and deploy the needed servers on a virtual environment, there are a lot of savings. Overall you can migrate also the old servers to this platform. The most of the IT guy’s are enthusiast over what they have seen, but management is fixed on saving costs. VI3 on this site is not so easy. Some people must be convinced.

They must invest, but the benefits on long terms are huge. At the meantime we can show how we manage from Bangkok the test server and deploy new servers to test the OT environment.