Stupid IT

A nice colum from Mike Laverick about the thinking about today’s IT. Working with VMware products the last 8 years I never had a problem with installing Windows OS’s and other software in a virtual machine. The logical layer was always the botleneck in running IT. Human failure is the firsts big IT problem. (Even I deleted a running VMFS store from a SAN! Only saving the VM’s by live converter action to an other store was helping me.) If your It has now a lot af problems, you will have those in a virtual world.

In a virtualized world With VMware I think, your infrastructure is so mature and reliable, that al the effort must stop in simplifying the logical stuff. Simple procedures, simple building blocks. Once designed, only add more off the same.

Split every layer (storage, network, hardware hosts, logical VM’s and applications)  into rock sollid building blocks and you can sleep well.

Duplicate this layers to a second datacenter and disaster recovery is nearby. Think about a car: Only one engine and a lot off compute infrastructure. 20% off the costs of an executive car is a computer network. Your boss his live (or yours) is controlled by IT. Why believe we that a rock solid virtual and well managed infrastructure isn’t save? What if you hire our buy a IT building block, like you do with cars, and just use the functionality.

IT is transforming into a product like a car. But the tranformation is ligthning fast


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