Demo Horizon7 with instant Clones and AppVolumes3

In this demo video, I show you how VMware Horizon7 desktops are cloned by the new Instant Clone technique. This coning is very fast and in combination with AppVolumes3, you can deliver every desktop with applications in minutes.

The desktop is build from a basic empty Windows10 desktop. Only the VMware Optimization tool, the Horizon agent (with Instant Clones function) and the AppVolumes agent are installed. Latest updates are in place.

The AppVolume applicationstacks are made in a clone of this desktop template. The vmdk files are placed on a Windows file share. This file share is synchronized by the AppVolumes appliance to a VMFS store. (Note: in the configuration of AppVolumes manager you need to put in the file share and the prefix is the VMFS store you want to copy the AppStacks.)

First off all is the template cloned to CP-template-xxxxx, from this CP-template-xxxxx is a CP-replica-xxxxx cloned to SSD, then each VM is also cloned to SSD and is readonly connected to the CP-replica-xxxxx.

The provision settings in the demo are: max 3 desktops where 1 is ready to use.


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