Revit 3D models in VR

To watch 3D models in VR you need a VR Headset. A thettered headset like a HTC vive or HP Reverb G2 are direct connected to the pc with Revit installed. use Enscape or Vred to watch in VR. These headsets are more expensive thean a Oculus Quest2 standalone headset.

Using a Quest it’s posible to connect your PC in the same network segment over WiFi. You are totaly free to move and can sit everywhere. Connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the headset. The Quest can connect with VRdesktop. On the PC runs the streamer application from VRdesktop. Choose an envirionment in VRdesktop and you see the real desktop from the physical PC. Even the mouse is working!

An drawing opend in Revit is also opend in Enscape as a plugin for Revit. Enscape makes a rendering in VR. Choose the headset and SteamVR is opening.

The file in Revit is a demo from HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) thanks Richard de Nier, BIM consultant.

Revit 2022 and Enscape 3.0 are 14 day trial versions.

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