One step further in mobile VDI

Cisco introduce the Cius.


I want this with a standard mobile phone. VMware Exchange 2005 in Paris, there was a contest The Next Big Thing. I predict the phone as a thinclient.

Tomorrow?   Samsung – Nokia – HTC – Apple – Google, who is the hero of the near future ?

vMotion over Distance support with EMC VPLEX Metro

Last month at EMC World we released a storage virtualization product unlike any other. EMC VPLEX not only virtualizes back-end storage from other vendors it also allows shared storage to be presented active/active over long distances. This capability makes it possible for long distance vMotion and brings a new technical term to disaster planning, Disaster Avoidance.

Imagine you’re planning a datacenter shutdown due to a power outage or building maintenance, or perhaps that wildfire is making its way to your office location. Now you have the flexibility to be able to avoid major downtime by simply swinging your workloads to an off-site datacenter.

VMware has taken notice and has officially released a KB article detailing out full support for long distance vMotion with the EMC VPLEX product. More information on this KB article can be found at Perhaps you want to know more about VPLEX or even see a demo of it in action? Chad Sakac posted a great breakdown of how it works along with some videos on his website, check it out now.

Thanks Rick Scherer

Free vFoglight Quickview

Now Available! Free Monitoring Solution for Smaller Environments

vFoglight™ QuickView is a simple and quick-to-deploy free performance monitoring solution that provides essential alerts and data to enable administrators to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve critical issues within the virtual infrastructure.

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New VRanger Pro 4.5 with Exchange recovery

VizionCore announce the Immediate General Availability of vRanger™ Pro 4.5 With Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange (RME) 4.8

Vizioncore is proud to announce the immediate General Availability of vRanger Pro 4.5.

New Features in vRanger Pro 4.5:

  • Active Block Mapping (ABM) improves backup performance by an average of 33%, and reduces backup images by an average 25%.
    Change Block Tracking (CBT) avoids VMDK scan to find changed blocks for backup
  • Vizioncore VSS overcomes the deficiency in the VMware VSS implementation for application consistency and log file truncation
  • Custom Backup Groups define backup jobs with static groups of VMs or association with a vCenter folder which updates dynamically
  • AES-256 Encrypted Archives secures images in backup archives
    Recovery Support for VMware vSphere Thin Disk Provisioning

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