VDI with VMware View (PCoIP) on v3 Systems

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) boost when run on high speed local storage. v3 appliances accelerate each virtual desktop without the need off Hugh shared storage investments. Only the userdisk (with profiles) and Parent Desktop Image are located at shared storage. Because off fast access on SSD storage, applications start much faster. I say now each user has an MACbook Air in the cloud to use! With the PCoIP protocol from teradici, used in VMware View5, the virtual desktop is fast accessible on every device.

I’ve seen legacy applications that start in 7 seconds. Users are enthusiastic and cannot wait till the VDI environment is in production. Giving a user his own virtual desktop (persistent) creates lot off benefits. Now all settings are stored for this user on a userdisk on shared storage. Profile redirection has sense, but there is no need to logon for the user. His or her desktop is always available.

I’ve seen logon times on government desktops 20 minutes and users go for a coffee. This is not a virtual desktop problem, but how the IT is designed! So if the virtual desktop is easier to manage, maybe there is some time left to redesign the IT.
TCO is not only the hardware, but also hidden in specialists like Citrix consulting contractors. What does a Desktop really cost? Desktops run on v3 systems are fast, stackable, and based on enterprise technology from Fushion and VMware. The nicest thing is that you have only one point of sale: v3 systems.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is now available in the (private) Cloud. No more physical hardware to manage on the floor. Just a Thinclient with PCoIP or ViewClient (even as a ThinApp application) to connect to your own fast desktop. Everywhere, always on. Hardware (Appliance) is controlled by v3 manager virtual appliance.

Why PCoIP?

Brian Madden: MS and VDI licensing

In this post Brian Madden tell us why he reject his MVP status. MS has an idiot License model for VDI.

MS only want you to connect Terminal Server Desktops. Every device needs his own VDA. Crazy idea these day’s. Providers cannot run DaaS (Desktop as a Service). What about a JEOS desktop and applications with Vmware AppBlast in the near future?