If you want to use shared storage only and then all flash, PureStorage is what you want. Ease of use en flabbergasted speed. Not only more VM’s on a host, but also much higher performance for the costs of spinning disks.

Gartner say’s: Cool vendor 

In 2 hour your in. Video from Virtualization Field days 2012. Some known forum members are on the table like Mike Laverick

Drill down in Cloud deployment

The use of new technologies is for some people scary business. But if we use the best of all, we create a huge opportunity the lift up the hole User experience. One of my rules is KIS keep it simple. If we can go back to simplicity in virtualization, then we bring down the costs.

After the virtualization of servers, now we want to kill the costs of desktops. A lot of investigation is done by the project VRC. One big issue is storage and iops. Consistent latency is more interesting in flash. Fast storage is expensive and for cheaper storage we need lots of spindles. So where is the best price-quality?

First of all vendors are introducing linked clones and flash cashing. But in the managing interfaces we must make a lot of decisions, where to place, how split disks and so on. KIS wants to reduce these problems. So I think new thinking in flash storage helps a lot. I’m excited about the dedupe flash storage from purestorage. Delivering superfast performance to all the virtual machines en servers. Decreasing the storage costs per vm and decrease the infrastructure design rules.
If we can deliver a standard full blown desktop image (maybe we need some different images) without the increase of storage costs and linked clones, the user experience of the desktop he owns (dedicated desktop) is awesome. Connecting a GPU directly to this virtual desktop with the new Nvidia K2 GPU card, there is no need to carry the physical desktops anymore. Every application is run in this virtual desktop.

So recap: if we can connect secure from every device (BYOD bring your own device) a better virtual desktop located in a data center (private cloud) with all the application we need, consumerization of IT has begin. VMware Horizon View and Citrix deliver these. See the keynote Synergy 2013. Most important is there is no need to download anny file to show ore use. That’s secure!

Next step we don’t need a desktop to run applications. Use of Apps for every business and private application. That’s the way we can do our work in the near future.