What to do if App not in AppStore anymore, like NEEO?

If you transfer from an old iPhone to a new one, the apps are downloaded from the AppStore. The problem comes when an older App isn’t in the store anymore.

I had this problem with the NEEO remote App. NEEO has sold by an other company and has stopped the updates in the AppStore. What to do?

Use imazing.com tool to extract the App.ipa from the old phone. Browse to the apps and extract to your PC.

For the NEEO App I extracted the NEEO 0.50.0.ipa for you. How to install it again on the new iPhone?

NEEO iPhone App recover (not in AppStore anymore )

● Go to installonair.com
● Upload NEEO 0.50.0.ipa file (Here)
● Mail it to your iPhone mail and install it again.
● That’s it, Hip hip, the App is there again and will find your Brain on WiFi network.

Direct to the Brain with a browser: http://<your brain ip>:3220/eui

update 81-6-2023 – Fixed the link to the ipa file! Unfortunaly this package didn’t work after trasfer to an iPhone XR of my wife. App opens and close direct. Reboot of the Brain has no effect.

Steam VR games in Occulus Quest

Running Virtual Desktop in the Quest and added streaming apk with SideQuest, SteamVR games are running in the Quest. Screen Quest is live recorded in Quest itself !

I played some VR games like FlyInside and Google Earth VR in the Quest and was surprised by the quality. FlyInside is an flight sim where you really sitting in the cockpit. Most of buttons and handles are activated by touching with your virtual hands. Even sitting on a fixed chair, it feels very immersive to dive in a turn.

Flying in Google Earth VR is amazing. Search your home and fly around in 3D. Step in the 360 streetview and be really there.

Virtual workspace in VR/AR?

My last presentation on the VMUG TechCon in March was all about how the journey of VR/AR is running into the future. After a few years there are several new products to make 2019 the year of VR.

VR creates an immersive virtual world. AR let you enhance the real world with digital add-ons. Better display’s, wireless and easy to use 6dof (6 degree of freedom) are available now. The best HMD (head mounted displays) are the HMD with more than 180 degree FOV (field of view). StarVR, X-TAL and consumer friendly PIMAX produce these. All connected to a big PC.

I was waiting for the new Oculus Quest and happy to be an owner now. After a few weeks working with this device, I’m very excited about the potential of this headset. No wires, easy setup and 6dof. Streaming the user view to Chromecast v3 on a big TV is great for the others, watching why you are running around with funny moves.

Everything is bigger and immersed in the headset: You don’t need a big TV (3D) to watch movies ore Netflix. 360 photos and videos are now the ‘real’ world. With a stream application ALVR, it’s possible to stream content from you PC. SteamVR games run in the Quest. Not all high end games, but Google Earth VR is working well. Fly over your hometown in 3D and visit places on the whole world. Even the Desktop of your PC is on a very big screen available.

What if we can create a virtual workspace in VR with all the screens we need (more is more productive), team meetings virtual in the same room we live video communication? It’s possible with ‘BigScreen’ but more professional in vSpatial. This could be the workspace of the future. Running virtual desktops in the cloud and share with the team. vSpatial is working on the Quest version. I can’t wait its ready.

Flying around the world to meet members in the project is reduced with this technology. It save more time and CO2 , save the environment. Just to drink a beer together we must physically meet, so do not replace all by virtual. All my earlier bought stuff and profession experience is coming together in the Oculus Quest. My first 3D video camera, Samsung Gear360 camera and virtual desktops. If you see the right path, every investment in time and money is worth of it. Join the journey!

Is the Samsung S8 the best virtual workspace?

With the launch of the new Samsung S8 and S8 plus, we are closer to the optimal virtual workspace. Better, better, better, but not better for VR. The resolution of the screen 2K (2960 x 1440 with the max ppi of 570 on the S8). Bigger screen better? No the S8 plus with 6.22” screen has only 530 ppi.

So if you want your phone also as a VR device wait for Note 8 (maybe 4K screen). We need 4K screen for VR.

Why next step in replacing the workspace? Samsung makes a great step in the ecosystem with this smartphone. I’m a believer in virtual workspaces. With the S8 in the new Docking station, this smartphone connect a big monitor and transforms in a desktop computer. Connecting a VMware virtual desktop with the Horizon client, you have a real Windows, Linux PC on your screen.

Imagine the scenario: for about € 2,000.- you have a Phone, navigator, assistant (Bixby), photo camera, 4K movie camera, internet browser, music player, desktop in your pocket, VR device, 360 movie editor, 360 conference.

The hardware: Samsung S8, GearVR with controller, Gear360 with 2K livestream, The DeX Dock, big monitor, keyboard and mouse. The software: Virtual desktop in the cloud. YouTube and Facebook live streaming 360 2K. WOW!

In 2005 I believed in the next big thing: the virtual desktop on your phone. It here now. In a year, Samsung has answers my question: the new Gear360 camera can also connect to iPhone6S. Better battery live and live streaming. If the next Note8 has a 4K screen and can do the same as the S8, VR is also in the pocket.

This is not a new gadget, it’s a toy shop with possibilities.   link Gear360


VMware Horizon and WorkspaceOne on Samsung S8 see VMware blog

TSX2005 VMware had a contest “what’s the next big thing” I photo-shopped a little bit: a docking station with windows mobile over RDP. (Another idea from Belgium VMware users was local ESX stores mounted as shared to vCenter: we know it now as vSAN.)