ESXi4.1 Whitebox

For a friend I build a ESXi4.1 VMware server. A Shuttle SX58J3 with Intel Core i7 950 3 Ghz, 8 Gb memory (4 slots available), 2 PCI-e slots:1 used for video card and 1 for dual port Intel NIC. Problem: onboard NICs not seen by VMware.

This vSphere server is connected to a QNAP TS-559 pro+ storage by iSCSI. Now running 1 Windows 2003 small business server and 2 Windows 2003 servers and 2 Windows XP. System is fast!
Add an other Shuttle and we have a cheap datacenter in a box. Nice to SMB.

Do we need a keyboard and mouse?

If we use easy apps, do we need a external keyboard? Is a tablet enough. When using a iPad we use a touch screen keyboard. Quote I heard last: iPad with keyboard -> New MacBook Air.

If applications are so intuitive, I think for 80% no extended keyboard is necessary.

Mobile phone as thinclient! Wishes come through.

With Motorola Atrix and CitrixReciever the thinclient in your pocket is reality. Use a smartphone as thinclient to connect to a virtual desktop with big screen and keyboard.

Citrix blog

In 2005 at the TSX in Paris my idea for the VMware next big thing was a phone as a thinclient. Motorola has it now with HDMI connector. With Wyse connector possble to connect to VMware View.

By Chris Fleck.