Some VDI movies

How can I connect to a PC with special hardware in it. Physical cards are not vMotionable. So maybe we need a PCI extension card over IP? USB ports can connected over IP to a virtual machine.

Video 1

View4 connection to physical PC with TV card on board. LAN connection 100 Mb. View protocol RDP. (no Teradici card in PC). See WinTV uses about 50% CPU. With a Teradici card its possible to show real PC experience.

User experience: ** (technical even not bad for RDP)

Video 2

Ericom Blaze RDP connection to physical Win7 PC with TV card. LAN 100 Mb. Blaze settings: Highest Quality (lossless). WinTV uses 50% CPU and Ericom Blaze Server 30%

Video 3

PCoIP connection with virtual VLC running a DVD VOB file (Transformers) and a 3D CAD e-drawings program. LAN connection 100 Mb.

User experience: **** (real PC experience, 5 stars when running on high end hardware)

Note: Interference of the movies by LCD screen. VM’s running on Whitebox hardware (ASUS M2N32-SLI deluxe motherboard, 2x Gb LAN, AMD + 6000 dual core, 8 Gb Mem) and stored on NFS share on Windows 2003 R2 server (raid 1+0 on XFS SATA controller). Virtual View 4.1 server, ESXi4 on USB drive.
Physical server (storage) LAN 1 Gb, View client on notebook with 100 Mb connenection.

Dutch soccer team arrival on Schiphol

The Dutch soccer team is back home. Second place on WK2010.

At the same time the livestream is in the View PCoIP virtual Windows7 VM. Network connection desktop to VM: 100 Mb. In the second part the sound is disabled. (part 1 has double sound from client and virtual desktop. Only a few delay in the second stream.

Stupid IT

A nice colum from Mike Laverick about the thinking about today’s IT. Working with VMware products the last 8 years I never had a problem with installing Windows OS’s and other software in a virtual machine. The logical layer was always the botleneck in running IT. Human failure is the firsts big IT problem. (Even I deleted a running VMFS store from a SAN! Only saving the VM’s by live converter action to an other store was helping me.) If your It has now a lot af problems, you will have those in a virtual world.

In a virtualized world With VMware I think, your infrastructure is so mature and reliable, that al the effort must stop in simplifying the logical stuff. Simple procedures, simple building blocks. Once designed, only add more off the same.

Split every layer (storage, network, hardware hosts, logical VM’s and applications)  into rock sollid building blocks and you can sleep well.

Duplicate this layers to a second datacenter and disaster recovery is nearby. Think about a car: Only one engine and a lot off compute infrastructure. 20% off the costs of an executive car is a computer network. Your boss his live (or yours) is controlled by IT. Why believe we that a rock solid virtual and well managed infrastructure isn’t save? What if you hire our buy a IT building block, like you do with cars, and just use the functionality.

IT is transforming into a product like a car. But the tranformation is ligthning fast

Cloud OS Client – 2XCC

The new Cloud client OS from 2X . It works very nice.

Choose Basic image and next. Now choose media.

PCoIP connect. My system was showing Google OK, 3-D CAD was OK but the mediaplayer was black. The detected videoresolution was not OK on the live CD.

Connections for VMware, RDP, VNC and Citrix.