Some VDI movies

How can I connect to a PC with special hardware in it. Physical cards are not vMotionable. So maybe we need a PCI extension card over IP? USB ports can connected over IP to a virtual machine.

Video 1

View4 connection to physical PC with TV card on board. LAN connection 100 Mb. View protocol RDP. (no Teradici card in PC). See WinTV uses about 50% CPU. With a Teradici card its possible to show real PC experience.

User experience: ** (technical even not bad for RDP)

Video 2

Ericom Blaze RDP connection to physical Win7 PC with TV card. LAN 100 Mb. Blaze settings: Highest Quality (lossless). WinTV uses 50% CPU and Ericom Blaze Server 30%

Video 3

PCoIP connection with virtual VLC running a DVD VOB file (Transformers) and a 3D CAD e-drawings program. LAN connection 100 Mb.

User experience: **** (real PC experience, 5 stars when running on high end hardware)

Note: Interference of the movies by LCD screen. VM’s running on Whitebox hardware (ASUS M2N32-SLI deluxe motherboard, 2x Gb LAN, AMD + 6000 dual core, 8 Gb Mem) and stored on NFS share on Windows 2003 R2 server (raid 1+0 on XFS SATA controller). Virtual View 4.1 server, ESXi4 on USB drive.
Physical server (storage) LAN 1 Gb, View client on notebook with 100 Mb connenection.