Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware View4.6

Is it possible to connect to a XenDesktop5 Windows 7 virtual machine (2 vCPU, 2 Gb memory) and connect in this desktop a VMware View Windows 7 virtual desktop (1vCPU an 1 Gb memory) back to my home virtual datacenter? HDX from USA and PCoIP to USA. Yes it works, but some latency in sound.

At the end you see all 3 YouTube movies at the same time: local, in XenDesktop and in View.

Speedtest settings
Citrix Desktop: Ping 139 ms, 17.5 Mbps down, 6.17 Mbps uplink,
View desktop settings: Ping 4 ms, 10.7 Mbps down and 7.7 Mbps uplink.

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