Workaround for OVA file import in vCenter Appliance 6.5

After updating my VMware vSphere homeLab from 6.0u2 to 6.5, I could not import a new vRealize Automation 7.2 ova file. Even the latest updates on vCenter Appliance (build 5300) did not worked. (Both VCA and PSC appliances are the same level: Build Number 5178943).

Second I tried with the old C# client. Direct connected to the ESXi host and deploy ova. All settings done, but after startup, the appliance has no hostname (localhost.local.dom) and is on DHCP.

Third round: I tried with the new HTML5 client, but I could only import from webserver. OK, upload the ova file to the Windows IaaS server I had already and connect to the webserver with ova file. All importing OK till reading the configuration file. What next?

Next idea: connect with new webclient directly to ESXi host. (https://<ESXhost>/ui ). Now Add new VM: Create or import ova! Now all steps are working. Appliance starts and has imported all configurations.

Workaround: connect to host  https://<hostname>/ui and import OVA.