Is the Samsung S8 the best virtual workspace?

With the launch of the new Samsung S8 and S8 plus, we are closer to the optimal virtual workspace. Better, better, better, but not better for VR. The resolution of the screen 2K (2960 x 1440 with the max ppi of 570 on the S8). Bigger screen better? No the S8 plus with 6.22” screen has only 530 ppi.

So if you want your phone also as a VR device wait for Note 8 (maybe 4K screen). We need 4K screen for VR.

Why next step in replacing the workspace? Samsung makes a great step in the ecosystem with this smartphone. I’m a believer in virtual workspaces. With the S8 in the new Docking station, this smartphone connect a big monitor and transforms in a desktop computer. Connecting a VMware virtual desktop with the Horizon client, you have a real Windows, Linux PC on your screen.

Imagine the scenario: for about € 2,000.- you have a Phone, navigator, assistant (Bixby), photo camera, 4K movie camera, internet browser, music player, desktop in your pocket, VR device, 360 movie editor, 360 conference.

The hardware: Samsung S8, GearVR with controller, Gear360 with 2K livestream, The DeX Dock, big monitor, keyboard and mouse. The software: Virtual desktop in the cloud. YouTube and Facebook live streaming 360 2K. WOW!

In 2005 I believed in the next big thing: the virtual desktop on your phone. It here now. In a year, Samsung has answers my question: the new Gear360 camera can also connect to iPhone6S. Better battery live and live streaming. If the next Note8 has a 4K screen and can do the same as the S8, VR is also in the pocket.

This is not a new gadget, it’s a toy shop with possibilities.   link Gear360


VMware Horizon and WorkspaceOne on Samsung S8 see VMware blog

TSX2005 VMware had a contest “what’s the next big thing” I photo-shopped a little bit: a docking station with windows mobile over RDP. (Another idea from Belgium VMware users was local ESX stores mounted as shared to vCenter: we know it now as vSAN.)