First test P2V on Vmware Virtual Infrastructure 3

The first three days off NXP factoring are behind. I have discussed with the IT staff how to we do approaching the migration. Some delay of the SAN switches. Maybe Friday do we have the shared storage connected to the ESX servers. 27 servers to P2V. Lot of NT4 domain-controllers and Windows2000 servers. This manufacturing is 24×7 open. To create minimum downtime I suggest installing some servers new in a virtual machine or use the cloning with sysprep. Today we have P2V with VMware Converter a Window2000 server with 3 disks containing about 12 Gb data. P2V time was 30 min. over a 100 Mb network. Including reconfiguration (no Insight tools, serial ports and other services). Cloning of these machine in about 20 min.

Next Wednesday the presentation to the IT manager and his customers. End of the week some low priority server are migrated.