How to reinstal a VMware envirionment

Day one

Monday the firsts day the check the new installed virtual infrastructure in Kaoshiung. OT engineers have had a long weekend. They installed the new test servers on a VI3, created at Friday. Lot off work! But not on the right SAN storage. The most important SQL server with a lot of drives (200 Gb – 1,5 Tb!) was created on virtual disks.

First thing to do is tell these three Israeli boys, I will removed all the snaphots and destroy the virtual disks. Backup the databases on a temporary virtual disk and remove the VMFS storage. I want to created RAW devices for each drive letter or create 4 partitions on a RAW disk. (I had only these LUN’s available). It takes several hours to move and backup data and create the new RAW disks. We decided also to created a virtual MS SQL 2005 cluster. VMware HA is nice but for this SQL server with so many databases not high available enough. 01:30 AM it was a nice time to stop and take some rest.

 Idan, Avi and Nir. OT army.

Day two 

This morning (Tuesday) we (Idan and I) create the new MS Cluster for the SQL server. I takes a while to setup the server in the engineering environment. Today Yih-Chyuan is coming over from Taipei, to reconfigure the LUNs for other RAW disks. Several other servers have also big disk I/O on SQL and disk-space for backup databases. Now all the virtual machines are OK. In the meantime I reconfigure some settings in the VI3. So on day three tomorrow, we can retest all servers again. Test? the most servers are already production test!

Next advantage for me is the P2V (migration of physical servers to virtual servers) some servers and basic training for the administrators in VMware, MS clustering, and backup procedures.