Remote Office in VR

Mark Zuckerberg thinks the VR headset is the solution for future housing problems. Link by RoadToVR (direct link facebook)

If it’s possible to work everywhere with your personal remote office in a Headset and the possibility to work together with colleges by sharing screens and videoconferencing, then he has a point.

Nowadays people works in smaller teams by scrum squads and mostly remote to datacenters. So you can work remote from other locations and also connect colleges any moment.  

What is mostly in place now?

Remote workers can use a VPN connection to connect their business applications and mail, login to remote virtual desktops, Apps by VMware WorkspaceOne or connect by Citrix to business Apps and more. Communication by (mobile) phone and skype or facetime or other videoconferencing tools.

Most work is output driven and can be don also on every remote workspace. You only need a good laptop or tablet with internet connection. Most people do maybe already of their work on a smartphone. With the intelligence of the smartphone it is sometimes faster to write an article than on a laptop.

New remote workspaces.

With the introduction of VR and AR, we can connect in the headset to a remote workspace. Like the home office, we can connect to a virtual desktop in a datacenter (Company office) and do our work. With the ongoing development of the headsets, the quality and easy to where is no problem at all to work for longer periods in a VR world. In your virtual office (looks like you are anywhere in the world) you have the company work environment in front of you. Collaboration with peers is just a click away.

Now we have simple avatars, but in the future this projection of you is real-time and in real person. Face expressions will be available.

People from around the world can join teams from everywhere. Working on 3D objects in VR is possible, not only working on documents! The housing problem Mark is thinking about could also a small home in India.

With AR we can join teams in real life with colleges in the same room. Work on the same project that is projected in our space. Matter of time to use this. Designing cars and step into the just build interior is one of the benefits.

See Varjo predictions Varjo’s headset has an extra display in the centre of your eye with retina resolution, so ultra sharp vision.

How long does it takes? Some people say 5 years other 10 years. All great changes and inventions takes time. Looking back it’s easy to see what the difficulties are and how long it takes to embraces new methods. Mark focus is 2030.

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